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Hawaii Five Ohhh

15:15 on Fri, 19 Sep 2008 | 0 Comments

Further celebrated launching into a Limited Company with a fun 'team building via raft building' exercise last week
at the excellent outdoor activity centre based at Whitlingham, just outside of Norwich.

Splitting into two very competitive teams, (by far the most competitive the venue had ever witnessed) each team was given five barrels, five poles and copious amounts of rope to design - and then build - a raft that would not only float, but stay afloat through 2 hours of mortal combat , oh, and it had to carry seven team members with oars!!!

Before we started, we had witnessed one of this summer's heaviest downpours complete with thunder and lighting. Not to be deturbed, and with true Norfolk spirit, we gritted our teeth and got on with the task in hand !!

Much amusement was had just putting on the waterproofs, lifejackets and helmets...and watching Director Zak at a meagre 6ft 4in, trying to get into a pair or waterproof trousers that were made for primary school children had the party in hysterics long before the games had begun!

Our 'own-designed' vessels came together with surprising speed and each team only had one casualty on launching. Amazingly both rafts worked very well and didn't collapse under our collective weight so we spent the next 2 hours 'messing about on the water' in an assortment of races, finishing off with a tug of war..it was a very close and VERY competitive competition but in the end, 'Without a Paddle' skippered by Mario narrowly won over 'Wrecked' captained by Ryan.....!

Over several beers and a well earned meal we deliberated long and hard over the 'might have beens' of our 'Olympics on the water' . We had all got to know each other better, all done something new, and had all definitely got extremely wet!

Our 'Summer Surprise', as it had been promoted, turned out to be more of a 'Wet Winter Surprise' but it was a great laugh and very exhausting.

Thanks to Rachel for organising it, to Zak's Diner for those incredible desserts, and to Whitlingham Outdoor Centre for putting up with us!


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