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Further's £400 tweet for Childrens Society

15:19 on Thu, 14 Jan 2010 | 0 Comments

It seems so long ago now that 2010 has arrived, but we just wanted to thank everyone who got involved with our virtual Christmas Card idea and retweeted our message for the benefit of The Childrens Society.

We were thrilled to see that within just 72 hours of the campaign launching via our Christmas email, more than 1650 individuals had made the effort using their Twitter accounts.

This had purely been a first time experiment, so we honestly didn't know what to expect. But the upshot of it all is that £400 will be winging its way from Further to the Childrens Society as a Christmas gesture from the company.

While we didn't quite make it to the summit of the virtual Christmas tree featured on the campaign landing page, it was a terrific feat, so we have decided to donate the full target amount nonetheless.

In addition, a few generous individuals also made their own donations via justgiving.com.

Thank you so much. We hope you enjoyed seeing something a little different from the normal agency Christmas card.

Now for an even more innovative plan for next year!

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