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Further limber up for Fitness Footwear

00:00 on Mon, 21 Jul 2008 | 0 Comments

Fitness Footwear is an excellent online retailer, stocking some of the largest ranges of footwear from leading brands such as Merrell, Fit-Flops, Crocs, Birkenstock, Simple, Teva and Salomon and have chosen Further as its search marketing partner.

Already a strong site from a technical SEO point of view, Fitness Footwear.com gains a high volume of search traffic. Further has been set with the task of obtaining top rankings for some of their most competitive terms, such as Fit Flops and Merrell Trainers.

Along with a off-site content creation strategy, Further is aiding Fitness Footwear with producing resources pages, optimised for social media traffic, allowing people to interact with the site in a productive way, ensuring long-term and cost-effective link growth and improved rankings for Fitness Footwear.

"Fitness Footwear is a great example of an online retailer doing things correctly" said Further Partner Steve Jaggard. The site is well built, easy to navigate, has all the essential marketing triggers so, not surprisingly, boasts a healthy conversion rate." "From Further's point of view, it is terrific to be working for the first time in the footwear retail sector ensuring Fitness Footwear gains high level exposure for the most searched-for activity brands."

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