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Further leaves its Mark on national consumer electronics conference.

09:32 on Fri, 30 Apr 2010 | 1 Comment

The two day event took place at the impressive Birmingham ICC - and Further was invited to join speakers from, amongst others, the BBC, The British Retail Consortium, Freesat, Miele, Panasonic, Roberts and client Hughes TV & Audio.

Entitled 'The devil's in the e-tail', the Further presentation became a talking point at the conference as it provided solutions for those retailers seeking innovative new approaches to their online marketing strategies which no longer simply revolve around the cut-throat pricing which has dominated this sector online for so long - an approach which has, over the past decade, seen margins become virtually non-existent and pushed many retailers out of business.

Throughout Mark's 30 minute slot, the 350 plus delegates were seen taking copious notes and judging by the comments and enquiries afterwards the presentation had really made the audience think again about how to use the Internet to make their businesses more profitable, whether they wish to use it for e-commerce or to drive customers into their bricks and mortar stores.

Further Director Steve Jaggard, who accompanied Mark in representing Further at the conference commented " We were really thrilled and honoured to have been given the opportunity by Retra President Sean Barrett to put our ideas to this audience, an audience who in the main have become pretty sceptical about trading on the internet. Mark's talk really seemed to hit home with many of them. They recognise the internet is not going to go away and were encouraged to hear practical, innovative solutions, some of which they can do themselves without cost, a list of which Mark delivered to finish his slot."

It was a really interesting conference to get involved in at what is a very exciting time in the sector with the advent of 3DTV, internet and TV convergence and the Digital Radio and TV switchover. Thanks to Retra, and to Conference Chairman, Tony Dugdale, for a very well run event. We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it.

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James • Years ago

A great presentation, Mark, and great that you chose to post it to the Further blog. A lot of the content is very familiar ground for me, especially the slides about conversion rate optimisation. It's so often overlooked that improving the usability and accessibility of a site can have such a remarkable effect on the bottom line. Far too many site owners will look at traffic levels and rankings alone, overlooking the opportunities to make their existing traffic work harder for them.