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Further Editor Appears on BBC World Service to Discuss Cancer Awareness Selfie Trend

13:43 on Thu, 27 Mar 2014 | 0 Comments

Emily Buchanan, Further’s Senior Digital Editor, appeared on the BBC World Service on Tuesday to discuss a social media trend that’s dominating Facebook and Twitter.

“No make-up selfie nominations” began appearing on timelines and Twitter feeds early last week, claiming to raise awareness of breast cancer by asking women to take a selfie without make up on. It caused controversy, and Emily highlighted her concerns over the sociological connotations of no make-up selfies in an article for the Huffington Post.

Later that week, Cancer Research UK caught wind of the trend and said on Facebook: “Many have asked if the campaign is ours. It’s not, but we love that people want to get involved! If you’d like to help beat cancer sooner, please visit our website or text to donate using the code in the picture.” This idea was a major success, and the new campaign went on to raise over £8 million.


In the days proceeding, Emily’s article gained huge exposure, spearheading an online debate about the overall message of the campaign and engaging over 47,000 people. This exposure came to a head on Tuesday when she was contacted by the BBC asking her to join them on the World Service.

Less than an hour later, Emily was live-linked to the studio and offering her perspective on a trend that has polarised opinions. “I had no idea that when I wrote that article it would cause such a stir or that I’d end up appearing on BBC World Service,” Emily said today. “I’ve found the whole experience incredibly exhilarating and a little bit mad.”

Emily went onto say: “I think it’s truly remarkable that Cancer Research UK has turned a social media trend into a successful fundraising campaign. It just goes to show how powerful the internet can be.”

To donate £3 to Cancer Research UK, text BEAT to 70099.

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