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Further celebrates 'FAFTA' agency awards

09:56 on Tue, 1 Apr 2014 | 0 Comments

Inspired by the annual film awards season, Further has held its very own movie themed awards night.

On Friday 28 March, the first ever Founders' Academy of Further Team Awards (FAFTA) took place at The Old Church in Norwich.

The 'FAFTAs', hosted by Further founder Steve Jaggard, saw 16 awards handed out to Furtherers based on the votes of their agency peers. Steve explained: "Like any busy agency, it's important sometimes to stop, look back and appreciate the efforts team members put in. The FAFTAs, we felt, were a way of celebrating all sorts of achievements within the team - including several light-hearted ones. The event gave us another good reason to bring the team together and have some fun."

In a competitive first year, winners walked away with prizes in categories such as Best Special Effects (for technical achievement), Best Sound (for top taste in music) and Best Supporting Cast Member (for being Further's unsung hero).

The night's biggest winner was Mark Hannant, Further's Senior SEO Consultant, who said: "It's humbling to have hard work validated by your peers."

Mark picked up three FAFTAs, including the much coveted Paul Hill Golden Pie Award (bestowed for innovative thinking).

He added: "While many awards were just for fun, it’s great to receive an award which celebrates innovative thinking – which is an important part of vibrant agency life."

The biggest FAFTA loser was content strategist Andrew Tipp, who walked away with nothing despite being shortlisted in several categories.

Sabelline Chicot, another of Further's content strategists, won the award for Best Costume (most fashionable) and thought FAFTA was a fun experience.

"It’s good to let your hair down with the people you spend most of your days with," said Sabelline. "It's important to celebrate the little things that make the office awesome. Plus bubbles and nibbles are always going to go down a treat!"

The final category of the evening was the prestigious Furtherer of the Year, awarded to the person that best defines the agency. The FAFTA went to dynamic data analyst Matthew Eastaugh, who said: "I feel proud and honoured to be the first recipient of this award. "If nothing else, it makes up for the blatant corruption that must have been responsible for Jayms Brooks being voted as funnier than me."

Inside sources have hailed the inaugural FAFTAs as a success, with many remarking on Steve Jaggard's "colourful" performance as host.

Rumours have already begun circulating surrounding next year's FAFTAs, with some speculating that the awards will return bigger and better in 2015.

Want to walk away with a FAFTA next year? We're looking for passionate people to join our growing team.

Full list of FAFTA 2014 winners:

Best Special Effects (For demonstrating excellence in technical standards)

Winner: Phil Howard

Best Sound (For displaying the best taste in office music)

Winner: Mark Hannant

Best Animation (For providing the highest levels of energy and enthusiasm in the company)

Winner: Jayms Brooks

Best Comedy Performer (For being the funniest Further figure)

Winner: Jayms Brooks

Best Script (For the most creative written content of the year)

Winner: Emily Buchanan

Best Editing (For the greatest contribution to the abolition of bad grammar)

Winner: Daisy Kingham

Best Costume (For most fashionable/best dressed Futherer)

Winner: Sabelline Chicot

Best Hair & Make-Up (For the most presentable Furtherer in a client meeting)

Winner: Amy Smith

Best Social Networker (For the most sociable Further figure on or offline)

Winner: Mark Hannant

Best Catering (For unrivalled contribution to the Further feasting table)

Winner: Laura Potts

Best Drama in a Foreign Language  (For use of native accent or language for the good of Further)

Winner: Sabelline Chicot

Best Screamplay (For making the biggest song and dance to ensure client deadlines are met)

Winner: Daisy Kingham

Best Pitcher (For best new business presentation performance)

Winner: Matthew Pink

Best Supporting Cast Member (For being Further's unsung hero of the year)

Winner: Ayesha Bailey

The Paul Hill Golden Pie Award (For outstanding and consistent innovative thinking)

Winner: Mark Hannant

Furtherer of the Year (all round performance of the Year)

Winner: Matthew Eastaugh

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