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Captain Cook has left the building

17:58 on Fri, 18 Nov 2011 | 3 Comments

Last week the team bade farewell to Further stalwart Mark Cook, who is abandoning Natural Search for Marine search, moving lock, stock and barrel to sunny Egypt to become a Scuba Diving Instructor.

Mark was Further's very first search exponent and went on to grow and lead the Further SEO team for the next three and half years. Just over a year ago, Mark decided to go part time sharing his time between Further and flounder, jetting off to Menorca or Egypt as he caught the diving bug.

During this time Mark put his skills to developing a new in-house analytics and reporting tool with Ryan, which is now on the verge of completion and will be provide vital intelligence for future campaigns.

An inspirational presenter and teacher, Mark has made a terrific contribution in his five years at Further. And when that undersea adventure comes to an end and Mark moves back to Norfolk one day?  Well, who knows, just maybe the salty sea dog will return to the ever-changing landscape that is online marketing with Further.

A bientot, Marques Cooksteau, we wish you well and envy you greatly!

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Neveah • Years ago

If not for your wirting this topic could be very convoluted and oblique.


Peter Clements

Peter Clements • Years ago

I Can see that he will be missed. I had the pleasure of staffing on his IDC/IE, what a great charecter. Well done Mark you are a PADI Instructor.


Carl Hendy

Carl Hendy • Years ago

Best of luck Mark, doing what many of us just dream about!

Will Google now be flooded with more affiliate websites? ;)