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A 2,094% return for Richardsons

12:59 on Wed, 8 Jul 2009 | 0 Comments

We recently told you about the very early success of our new site and search strategy for Richardsons Boating Holidays. Now, some 21 weeks since going live, we are delighted to see the trend continuing.

The new site at www.richardsonsboatingholidays.co.uk was the first ecommerce site the client has had, taking online bookings as well as brochure and booking requests.

Latest results after 21 weeks.
- 940 online bookings
- 2313 email submissions of which 1976 (84%) requested brochure.

Taking the total value of bookings gained through search marketing through the site, against the costs of both the new site build and ongoing search marketing spend, this equates to a 2,094% return on marketing spend.

This is excellent news for the client who is obviously enjoying a healthy return on investment, but for us possibly the best news of all is that search engines have accounted for over 75% of all site visitors.

A fact which hopefully reinforces a point we are always making to potential clients - about the need for having joined up thinking in online marketing - a  search campaign which delivers high volumes of relevant continuous traffic allied to a site which has been designed and built with usability and conversion in mind. This is a perfect example of that theory in action.

Designed and built by Further in seven weeks, the new site replaces the ‘enquiry-only’ site on the existing domain – a domain Further has been driving traffic to for several months using a combination of natural search (SEO) and paid search (PPC) campaigns through 1st place terms such as Norfolk broads boat hire.

The natural search campaign has seen Richardsons overtake other market-leading brands with 1st position on Google being gained for seven core search terms including most recently, the key industry term 'boating holidays'.

As Emma Day, Marketing Manager at Richardsons commented “we are really pleased with the level of bookings coming through so far. Further’s search marketing work has been continuously increasing our traffic. The new site gives us a new look moving forward,  and the addition of online booking was something our research demonstrated needed to happen to keep us in line with consumer expectations. It’s an exciting move forward.”

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