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Whose Line is it Anyway? It's Yours!

Having only launched the campaign on December 3rd, we've already had a fantastic response on Twitter. From Anthony Horowitz to the University of East Anglia, the support has been very positive. As such, we thought we'd share all of the amazing people and companies who've helped us raise money so far. It's our small way of saying thank you. 

Whilst we're here, we'd also like to remind everyone that only storyline contributions with the #1LineEACH hashtag will generate a 50p donation to EACH. Whilst we're infinity grateful for all of the promotional posts and retweets we've been getting, we'll need more story tweets if we're going to reach our donation target!

With that in mind, why not have a look at the story so far and simply tweet the next line with the #1LineEACH hashtag? Doing good has never been easier and the 50p's quickly add up, just take a look at our JustGiving page

Again, thank you to everyone who's got on-board, it really makes a difference. 

Our Fundraising Hall of Fame

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