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Why old-fashioned manners work in a modern online world

10:33 on Thu, 12 Sep 2013 | Industry Comment | 0 Comments

Everything moves very quickly in the world of digital marketing, and I find a whole working day can pass where I have barely taken time to pause to look away from my PC screen or iPhone. Our interactions with prospects and clients are invariably via email and I am sure most of us are guilty of emailing colleagues who are only sitting a few desks away. I am an advocate of good, old fashioned manners, and feel they have a really important part to play in our modern working life.

What kind of service would you expect (and hope to receive) from a lawyer, your doctor’s receptionist, from your bank, in an upmarket restaurant or from your utility provider? A warm welcome, professionalism and good manners; someone who listens to your request and acts upon it in good time and with a personal touch. Seemingly small, good service forms the bedrock to a working relationship. For us at Further, it is a given.

Our client services team is 100% focused on delighting current and potential clients – of course via the performance of our online strategies, but also via the many little interactions that we have with them every day. We strive to exceed their expectations.

We are honest, realistic and transparent. We focus on building trust and a long-term relationship. We take time to understand their business. We are brand conscious and proactive. We communicate (face to face where possible) to ensure we are managing their expectations. And we have a zero tolerance policy for mistakes; those little things that can either delight or irritate a busy digital marketing manager!

And these values have an added bonus in improving the day to day working environment at Further HQ! Based in an old church, we are all in one open-plan area where manners, understanding, teamwork and collaboration are vital in ensuring we all enjoy being at work and are as creative and productive as possible.

This emphasis on client service has been our goal since Further was founded in 2006, and we see our high client retention as a testament to how much our clients also value this approach; we have grown with our clients. Indeed, some of our clients have been with us for six years, and we have navigated the changing world of online marketing together. 80% of our new clients have come to us via recommendation so perhaps old-fashioned values pay off in old-fashioned word of mouth referrals!

Whilst championing excellence in client service has always been our ethos, now it’s official as we have been ranked second for UK client satisfaction in the 2013 UK Digital Census. All the more reason to keep championing those old-fashioned values!

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