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Steve Jobs, a positive message out of a sad day.

11:12 on Fri, 7 Oct 2011 | Industry Comment | 0 Comments

To most in our industry, Steve Jobs was known as a visionary and genius -
 a man who has made possibly the largest single contribution to the way we communicate and socialise certainly in my lifetime.

Even to those in our offices who would never admit to wanting anything other than their pc, there was still a glowing admiration for the man as a true innovator, someone who quite simply turned apple around by pushing the boundaries,  making the impossible possible and building one of the world’s most iconic brands by creating desire through innovative functionality and stunning market-leading design .

From the mouse to the i-mac, the i-phone to the i-pad, Steve Jobs truly challenged convention and showed the planet the way forward. So sad and ironic therefore that until yesterday, when his passing was announced, that so many millions outside of our arena did not even know of the genius behind the mega-brand – one of the most influential people of our times.

The world will certainly be a poorer place without his talent, passion and sheer 
doggedness to overcome barriers, not just technology-wise but in his own personal health battles too.

Let us hope, however, that there will be a positive to come out of yesterday’s dreadful news. The 24/7 broadcasting about his death, and the accompanying life story obituaries will hopefully make us all think about life and work in a different way.

We shouldn’t settle for mediocrity or second best. We should push for what we fervently believe in. We should all look for the spirit of innovation inside ourselves and pledge to make things happen,  in our all too short a time on this planet.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs, I for one have been inspired by your creativity, your courage and your contribution.

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