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Sharing Google Analytics Customisations

00:00 on Mon, 11 May 2009 | Analytics | 0 Comments

For those that use Google Analytics, you'll be interested to see the GA team launched a new feature last week that allows you to share customisations you've made using Custom Reports and Advanced Segmentation.

While custom reports and advanced segmentation were both excellent tools to get the most useful data out of your reports, it was always a pain trying to set up similar accounts or marry together two sets of analytics; a problem no more.


Sharing Customisations (Click to enlarge)


Google Analytics now provides you with an easy "share" URL that you can provide to friends and co-workers which will allow you to share your report structure. Essentially, they can see their own data within your reporting structure.

One level further down, if you manage multiple profiles you can also select which ones of these profiles are able to view customisations associated with your account.

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