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Search Agency Risers and Fallers in 2011

12:18 on Fri, 13 May 2011 | Industry Comment | 3 Comments

Once again the New Media Age Services Guide for Search Agencies has been published, showing the rankings and search revenues of those agencies that wished to participate.

There was quite a lot of fluctuation with revenues this year compared to last, but it's difficult to see clearly from the data table, so I put together a little bar chart to show who the risers and fallers are:


SEO Agency Risers and Fallers
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Keep in mind, this only covers agencies that wished to participate. The revenues are those reported by the agency, only for the discipline of "search" and are not reflective of the total revenues of the company in question.

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Kris • Years ago

I think the graph is a great way to get a snap shot of the state of search in the UK. I appreciate its only for those companies willing to participate but still, i think its a good indicator of trend. Nice to see that there aren't any major upsets like we're seeing in other industries.



Mark • Years ago

Very true, Robin. That's some great insight. Thanks for commenting.


Robin Moore

Robin Moore • Years ago

Nice chart. Looks to be some agencies with good growth. Interesting to see the likes of Guava in the growing section - they have been around for a long-time so it is a great result for them to achieve large organic growth.

I am pretty sure this chart will look quite different in 12 months time - agencies will be reporting on 12 months of finances post-recession-dip... it will have less emphasis on trading through the recession which I reckon would hit the bigger players harder in terms of gross-revenue than the little guys - that would be a reflection of the types of client and SEO spend per client.