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New to Search Marketing? Let our Client Services team guide you

00:00 on Tue, 14 Apr 2009 | Industry Comment | 0 Comments

Search marketing as a discipline is still relatively new and considered somewhat of a minefield to those trying to get to grips with it for the first time. So it is little wonder businesses are hesitant when it comes to looking at choosing a provider. It can be a daunting prospect. You’re bound to be asking yourself questions like:

• Who can I trust to deliver the results I need?
• Who will tell me the truth and not blind me with science?
• Will they make me feel silly every time I ask a question?
• I haven’t got a massive budget. Will they be interested in working with me?

Trust is key
Here at Further we don’t just work with large brands who have search marketing experts in-house. Far from it. Every month we are working with brand new clients who are search marketing debutants.

Further was formed on the basis that it would be a company clients could trust – in all senses of the word.

Trust, in our view, starts with good communication – and while search marketers are exceptionally skilled at providing results, communicating what they are doing and why to a search-fresh client can be a very different matter. (No offence to search marketers intended. I wouldn’t know where to start if you asked me to build valuable links!)

Consequently, we leave the results delivery to the search specialists and client communication to a member of the Client Services team who will act as your guide, your teacher, your translator. Someone who can manage your account and your expectations.

Obviously communication alone won’t provide that trust. Like I said before, it’s simply the first step. We then have to demonstrate that what we do for you is providing you with value for money.

Our comprehensive monthly client reporting, provided to all Further clients at no extra charge, outlines exactly what has been achieved each month and summarises the progress made.

Face-to-Face client review meetings, (often on a quarterly or six monthly basis, depending on the contract ) are also held to discuss progress, your return on investment and to agree the strategic direction for the next period.

Another important aspect to tell you about is our more flexible attitude to contracts. At Further we understand there may be unforeseen reasons why you cannot continue with a contract, and unlike many other agencies, we don’t hold you to 12 months.

Our contracts are for 6 months, as most strategies are created around six month periods, so we ask you to commit to this duration.

All Further clients benefit from:

• Client Services Manager/Director for day-to-day management
• Award-winning search and social marketing expertise
• Comprehensive Monthly Reporting sent by email
• Client Review Meetings at pre-agreed intervals

If you are looking at search marketing companies to approach to carry out your work, we recommend you consider all these points. In a sector which is becoming crammed with suppliers, (some good, some bad as with any industry) it is vital you feel comfortable about the decision you make.

Don’t be afraid to ask them for reassurance. Ask for testimonials or, better still, ask if you can contact their clients direct to find out if they do indeed deliver ‘ exactly what it says on the tin’.

If you are considering SEO, PPC or social media marketing, then Further would love to hear from you. Please get in touch. Meanwhile, good luck in your search! And should you wish to, feel free to ask me any questions.

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