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My work experience at Further

09:35 on Mon, 2 Nov 2009 | Industry Comment | 0 Comments

Note from Mark: Kate Tilbrook did one week work experience with us at the end of October and we invited her to write up her feelings on the week for the blog. No, it wasn't written under duress - but she might be approximately 10% over-generous with praise...

As a frequent, obsessive internet user, I would have labelled myself an experienced user of Google, a person who understands how it works, what it involves and how it seems I always obtain exactly what I search for. Yet, my week at Further proved my naivety. What this company do could almost be said as saintly to struggling businesses who have realised the rapidly increasing popularity of online marketing.

I found the hard work, determination and raw tenacity of the individuals at Further to be awe inspiring. To pursue a career in this, admittedly previously unknown, area of marketing would be a dream for me. The creativity of the designers combined with the incredible efficiency of client services and the genius' working on web development as well as the talent and knowledge within the marketing team, is fantastic. It is almost an honour to make tea and coffee for them all.

I found the atmosphere in the office to be extremely relaxed, light-hearted, yet still maintaining that professionalism and creativity. I discovered the people at Further were not as frightening as they look, in fact they are all friendly, happy people who genuinely want to help businesses drive site traffic, become noticed on internet search engines and ultimately, generate more popularity and success for that business.

It is obvious to me that Further is a success as I have seen the results they have produced and the gratitude and respect they have earnt from companies great and small. My week at Further has, basically, changed my outlook on future courses and careers.

Unfortunately, I will never look at another website without finding something to critic upon or see what could have been done better. It has been an unbelievable, opportunity, experience and honour to have spent even a week with them.


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