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Introducing Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

16:06 on Wed, 8 Jul 2009 | Conversion | 0 Comments

Here at Further we’re proud of delivering great search marketing results backed up by impressive and effective web design & build. It’s something we’ve been doing well for the last 3 years (happy birthday, Further!), and if you ask any of our clients about our strengths, one of them would certainly be the ability to deliver traffic to their site, and buckets of it.

There is however, a gap in our service offering which has been bugging us for some time. The missing link between website development and search marketing, and the reason our clients are so keen on high rankings to deliver visitors by the truck-load.

I’m talking about conversions. Whether your business is an ecommerce retailer, a B2B site looking for leads or even an entertainment site looking for visitor engagement, conversions are the most important metric for your website as they represent your business profits.

According to latest figures by Fireclick, average ecommerce conversion rates hover around the 4% mark, but this figure varies by industry. Typical conversion rates can vary between 0.5 and 8% depending on sector, target audience and also on the quality and competitiveness of the offering. We feel these figures represent a lot of money lost by businesses due to underperforming websites. Amazon and other top online retailers commonly achieve conversion rates over 10% - how do they manage that? Apart from raw brand strength (which admittedly helps), the common factor is that they all invest in conversion optimisation in order to make the best of their existing traffic.

Unfortunately, 20% of website owners have no idea what the conversion rate of their website is, and the majority of websites are not performing nearly as well as they should. If you’re promoting your website via advertising or search marketing, why not make sure that those hard earned visitors are turning into customers as efficiently as possible!

On this note, I’m very proud to announce that Further will now be offering Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) as a core service to clients existing and new. I’ll be gradually hanging up my spurs as a search marketing consultant and heading up a new department with the sole objective of generating more profit for our clients from their web traffic. I’ll still be dipping my toe into the search marketing world and offering assistance to the stellar team involved with traffic generation, but my focus will be on working closely with clients to maximise the performance of their web presence.

By using a variety of techniques to identify potential issues, including user testing; web analytics; accessibility testing; click tracking and funnel analysis, potential improvements to website effectiveness can be proposed. By testing these changes scientifically using tools such as Google Website Optimizer, accurate performance gains can be measured and then rolled out onto the live website. Industry figures and early results in-house suggest that a conversion optimisation campaign can result in a 30-50% increase in online revenue! It’s worth noting that a 10% increase in conversion rate can, for some businesses, mean a 50% increase in profit, as your cost of traffic generation and other online costs remain the same.

I’ll be blogging regularly offering tips and advice on conversion rate optimisation, but in the meantime please get in contact if you’re as excited about the potential benefits of conversion optimisation as we are!

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