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Google Adwords Now In Green?

11:20 on Thu, 27 May 2010 | Industry Comment | 5 Comments

I noticed today that sometimes Google Adwords boxes are sometimes showing with a rather sickly green colour, rather than the usual yellow. I say yellow, but I'm sure there's a more accurate description of that colour. Cantaloupe, maybe. We'll just be clear and say, the usual #FFF8E7 colour.

Usual Adwords Box:


New Adwords Box:


Is anyone else seeing this? Ryan on our SEO team suggested it may be to stop users becoming "blind" to Adwords and drawing attention to them again.

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maily • Years ago

I’m re-thinking what I thought I knew before reading this. Thanks for a well written piece that breaks through the fog to present a clear picture on a fascinating subject.



Aisleen • Years ago

I haven't seen this on my browser as yet. Have to say, I don't think either version really extinguishes the ads from the organic search results, which they really should. I have to say however that the change Google has made to the actual search facility is rather annoying - the 'search for UK results' either disappears completely or is hidden down the side.



Philippe • Years ago

I have seen it in action as well. They're probably just running a test. Google is the company who tested 41 shades of blue for their logo: http://www.zeldman.com/2009/03/20/41-shades-of-blue/
Good point that it might be done just to attract people who were not giving attention to ppc ads.



Mark • Years ago

It's certainly interesting seeing it develop. The new Jazz interface does seem to websites less "across the board", as the results are sliced.

Maybe it's an improved user experience or maybe it's a way to encourage people back onto Adwords for increased exposure? It's still Google's number one revenue stream by a long way.


Dallas Clark

Dallas Clark • Years ago

I'm not a big fan of the new design of Google lately, and I believe ads should be designed separate to the real results. Otherwise they will be no different to paid search results back in the ol days.