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Changing Domains and SEO Implications (Part 5)

11:20 on Mon, 15 Jun 2009 | SEO | 1 Comment

This post is a part 5 update of Changing Domains and SEO Implications.

Over the weekend, we saw a jump in indexed pages for further.co.uk, taking them above that of the old domain.

Further Pages Indexed

So it looks like updating webmaster tools and informing Google of the domain change was a good idea. Or was it? The indexed pages do not reflect rankings, as can be seen with the old furtheronline.co.uk domain taking back ranking:

further.co.uk position #17 (position #4 & #5 Friday)
furtheronline.co.uk position #7 (position #9 Friday)

The amount of links Further.co.uk is credited for is slowing increasing and my hypothesis would be as existing links for furtheronline.co.uk are crawled and credited to Further.co.uk, this domain will take dominance. However, Google does suggest e-mailing webmasters to update their links, an open admission that 301s do not pass full link equity / trust?

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melanie • Years ago

I'm interested to know what happened next! How long did it take for further to get back to where it was on the rankings?