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Changing Domains and SEO Implications (Part 4)

11:45 on Thu, 11 Jun 2009 | SEO | 0 Comments

This post is a part 4 update of Changing Domains and SEO Implications.

So logging into Webmaster Tools last night, I saw they'd released a new feature:

Google Change Address Feature

 Change of address feature

Google says, "If you're planning to move your site to a new domain, use the Change of Address tool to tell Google about your new URL. This will help us update our index faster and smooth the transition for your users.

Since yesterday, Google has dropped 11 more pages from our old domain and indexed 35 more on the new domain (albeit a lot of new pages that were not present on the old site).

Further indexed pages

So, still heading in the right direction without officially informing Google of the change. However, I couldn't resist trying to speed up the process, so I entered the old furtheronline.co.uk domain back into Webmaster Tools (it actually popped up with the old historical data when I did so, interestingly) and initiated a change of address.

Google Change of Address

Although I wouldn't have enough data to accurately measure the difference in indexation speed, it will still be interesting to see how quickly Google tackles the move.

Google also offers some advice on moving domains, which is very similar to the checklist included in our original move post.


1) Set up the new site

Review our guidelines for moving your site to a new domain. Set up your content on your new domain, then make sure all internal links point to the new domain.

2) Redirect all traffic from the old site

Use a 301 redirect to permanently redirect the pages on your old site to your new site. This tells users and search engines that your site has permanently moved. Ask webmasters to update their links to point to your new domain and make sure incoming links to your old site are redirected correctly using the 301 redirects.

3) Add your new site to Webmaster Tools

Make sure you have added and verified your new domain.


Lastly, the update on our watch of the term "Further Blog":

further.co.uk position #4 & #5 (position #6 yesterday)
furtheronline.co.uk position #9 (position #10 yesterday)


The Google Webmaster Central blog also has some useful information on the new Webmaster Tools Interface.


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