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Changing Domains and SEO Implications (Part 3)

05:00 on Wed, 10 Jun 2009 | SEO | 0 Comments

This post is a part 3 update of Changing Domains and SEO Implications.

So today we've seen another shift in results. We confirmed yesterday that the new domain was showing for a main brand search, whereas searching for internal pages produced the old domain.

A search now for "Further blog" produces:

further.co.uk position #6 (position #9 yesterday)
furtheronline.co.uk position #10 (position #2 yesterday)*

*Google has removed the /blog category and is now displaying the 5th paginated page of the blog.

So things are definitely heading the right way, with the new domain climbing rankings and old URLs dropping out of the index.

Looking at the number of pages currently indexed for both sites:


Further.co.uk indexed pages: 54
Furtheronline.co.uk indexed pages: 226


So we're not quite out of the woods yet, with the new domain having just under 25% of the pages indexed of the old domain.

One good thing to see is that (probably due to a natural side effect of how the site is crawled), pages seem to be moving over in a phased/staggered approach and individual pages are dropping/getting re-ranked at an impressive rate.

Looking at our Analytics data (which I'll share if anything really interesting happens), we have not had a drop in organic search traffic since the move. Good job so far, Google!

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