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Changing Domains and SEO Implications (Part 2)

21:00 on Tue, 9 Jun 2009 | SEO | 0 Comments

This post is a part 2 update of Changing Domains and SEO Implications.

Joe kindly alerted me today that further.co.uk was appearing within Google.co.uk searches. On investigation, it appears we are currently in a halfway-house situation with Google.

Yesterday's search for "Further Search" within Google, does indeed show our new domain further.co.uk. However, it seems Google hasn't quite made its mind up yet, as a search for "Further Blog" now instead of giving a #1 result for furtheronline.co.uk gives a weaker result of furtheronline.co.uk positioned at #2 and further.co.uk positioned #9. The original furtheronline.co.uk was last crawled on the 4th June, the day before the move - so we're still confident Google will resolve his SERP itself.

So one small thing that has been observed so far: When moving domain, Google will index the new site and leave the old domain indexed, regardless of a permanent redirect and sometimes show both within SERPs, albeit with weaker positions.

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