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Rob Welsby


Rob Welsby


  • Thai Curry
  • 90s Grunge Music
  • Dark Rum


  • Patent 'wars'


As Search Director at Further, it is my responsibility to ensure that all of our online marketing clients are receiving the most effective combination of customer acquisition services; whether it be SEO or PPC to drive traffic, Social media marketing to generate brand awareness, or improving websites for conversion.

Fortunately, I am passionate about online marketing and love achieving (& explaining!) awesome results for clients, which certainly helps when it comes to keeping up with the pace of change by Google and the latest online marketing trends.

When not reading search & social marketing blogs, travelling to speak at conferences or planning client strategy workshops, you can find me riding my Kona mountain bike on whatever hills I can find in Norfolk, or enjoying a decent Dark 'n' Stormy at the nearest pub.