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Phil Howard


Phil Howard


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I grew up taking things apart, programming into the early hours of the morning and poking my nose into the dark corners of the early Internet. It's no surprise then, that having brushed with a fanciful and brief career as a Graphic Designer, I suddenly found myself in the far more suitable role of Developer. Not only is it a mentally challenging and rewarding profession, but I get to make puns about being a "Web Developer."

At Further I have the unusual opportunity to flit between my DotNet and PHP disciplines, ever ranting about the idiosyncrasies of one as I work with the other. In both of these languages I help develop and maintain our in-house CMS platforms from which all of our juicy website goodness is derived.

After hours, I put on my gadgeteer cape and run an enthusiast tech & games blog -  Gadgetoid.com. I juggle this along with my passion for computer games, which is fortunately shared by my wife and daughter.