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Emily Buchanan


Emily Buchanan


  • A full moon
  • Smiles from strangers
  • Dogs


  • Intolerance


Ever since I could hold a pencil I knew I wanted to write. I studied English Literature at the UEA and indulged my interests in the Romantic Movement, although my heart was always with the Creative Writing modules.  Therefore, I was truly grateful when Further plonked a PC in front of me and taught me how to apply that creativity digitally, in a way that achieves results.

As a Digital Editor, it’s my job to lay nuggets of internet gold like a literary chicken. I research, write and edit copy for the benefit of my clients’ online visibility and focus my energies on socially affable content that’ll whizz around the web like a viral infection. Naturally, I ensure that everything I publish optimises my clients’ websites for the engines of search, whilst always remaining culturally astute.

Outside of work, I dig antiquity (particularly Art Nouveau) and nothing brings me greater pleasure than dragging my boyfriend around flea markets and haggling for some second-hand treasure (although he would call it trash).